Meet Amber

The Connection Yogi is based on one crazy, simple idea…

Use astrology to show you when and who you’ll share a strong connection with. And avoid time wasters and men who just aren’t right for you.

When it comes to love most astrologers focus on compatibility. My research shows TIMING comes first, compatibility second. Strong connections happen when the stars align.

Hi, I’m Amber Blase, also known as the Connection Yogi.

A few years ago I switched from being a theory driven astrologer to an astrologer driven by real dating results.

The more I shared these results with my clients the more successful they were at making strong connections with men.

Now I work 1 on 1 with women who are driven to:

1) Stop waiting and finally make the strong connection they’ve been working so hard to find.

2) While relaxing and enjoying themselves more in the process.

Don’t worry, if you know nothing about astrology, I take care of all that and leave you free to meet The ONE.

You can find out if working together is a good fit when you book your free 30 minute, Connection Strategy Session.